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Anzère's heritage has evolved around the historical development of the region.

Anzère's heritage has evolved around the historical development of the region. Geographical constraints and the difficulty of obtaining primary resources were factors that led to our ancestors becoming more ingenious. 

The irrigation channels were designed to bring the blue gold from the summits to the villages and alpine pastures in order to provide water. This solution has helped to develop the local economy through an expansion of the primary sector, which was made easier by this innovation. 

Today, the wealth and diversity of the local culture is combined with what the land, the mountain pastures and the animals that inhabit the region have to offer, as a direct consequence of yesterday's ingenuity. The speciality dishes that fill our tables come from the mountains, the goats and cattle as well as the orchards in the plains. This cultural richness that stems from what the mountains have to offer goes even further. The ascent (“inalpe”) of the herds to the mountain pasture on the return of the good weather and the descent (“désalpe”) from the mountain pasture at the end of the season are essential transhumances that provide a rhythm to the seasons and life in the Alpine villages. 

What is this heritage?

With a perfect climate for vine growing, the region is rich in wine producers. The Association des Encaveurs d'Ayent offers a wide range of products and organises tastings on request. It is made up of five producers from the region who play a very active role in the resort’s events.. It is also an opportunity to taste the region’s different culinary specialities. 

The autumn in particular boasts many culinary specialities. It is the time of year for hunting and chestnuts. Brisolée is a traditional chestnut dish that is typical of the region and very popular in Anzère. Its ingredients are of chestnuts, seasonal fruit, local cured meats and good company and laughter. Every year, Anzère Tourisme organises its traditional Brisolée Royale which is held on the Tseuzier dam wall. A beautiful location for a gourmet event.

Hérens cows are a regional breed. These muscular, agile cattle, smaller than their counterparts, have a physique that is adapted to life in the mountains, with the accompanying harshness and climate. These beasts will confront each other until a natural hierarchy is established between them. It is in the nature of these animals to choose, through fights, a queen who will guide the rest of the herd to the alpine pastures. These fights provide quite a show and have become an event, after which a queen is selected for the season. It is a real source of pride for an owner to see one of their cows become a queen.