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You can do your sports training in the heart of nature on Anzère's Zurich parcours vita!

Welcome to the Zurich parcours vita!

"Promoting health, developing family cohesion, getting in touch with nature, strengthening popular sport - the concept of the Zurich parcoursvita is still relevant today. Amateur sportsmen and women take a route through the forest with 15 stations offering a total of 43 exercises: yellow for mobility and agility, red for strength and blue for endurance.

Each course is measured by length, altitude difference and mileage-effort. The final panel provides information on calorie burn and endurance capacity. But the course is also an enriching personal experience: you can chat, laugh and sometimes even flirt! The courses are located in the most beautiful arena in the world - nature. Anyone can go at any time, free of charge, alone or accompanied" www.zurichparcoursvita.ch

The Anzère course starts from the Tennis Club car park. Follow the signs to the right of the explanatory panel and continue on the footpath towards the Ayent Bisse. You will walk along the Ayent bisse until you reach the Pralang torrent and then go back up towards Chamossaire and the Tennis Club car park (Le Pertou). 

Take the time to practice the stretching and muscle strengthening exercises of the 15 proposed stops, to be done at your own pace. If you feel tired, don't hesitate to take a break along the bisse d'Ayent. 


Length:   2.1 km 

Duration: 1h - 1h30 

 Ascent and descent: +80 m / -80 m

Difficulty: easy