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In order to raise awareness among tourists and residents of our resort and surrounding area, Anzère Tourism is mobilising around prevention for a cleaner resort. Indeed, the Tourist Office is joining the awareness campaign of the Canton of Valais, which reminds us of the importance and the obligation to collect our waste.

"Whether it is PET, paper, glass or cigarettes, this litter has negative impacts on health, ecology and the economy. It pollutes the soil, plants and water, and generates significant clean-up and disposal costs" (Canton of Valais). 

Unfortunately, littering is still too common in our mountains and elsewhere. By supporting this poster campaign, Anzère Tourism is supporting the measures taken by the Canton of Valais to prevent and educate about litter.
As Jonas Boesiger, sponsor of Clean-Up day 2022, reminds us: "Littering destroys the alpine idyll, harms the environment and has to be collected in a tedious way after the snow melts".
Today it is clearly necessary to mobilize and support all actions fighting for clean and sustainable resorts.The Commune of Ayent also participates by its public display in Grimisuat. Other ideas for projects to promote education and prevention around "littering" are planned.