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ASPA - Association des propriétaires d'Anzère, Ayent, Arbaz et environs* - A homeowners' association that works for you!

The association ensures the harmonious development of the resort by collaborating with the members of the Board of Directors of Anzère Tourisme SA.

In order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the tourist infrastructure, the members of the association's committee are in regular contact with local tourism representatives.

L'ASPA encourages and supports events and projects that make our resort more dynamic.

The ASPA is an association that was founded in 2005 and whose main aim is to represent and defend the interests of property owners in the region of Anzère, Ayent, Arbaz and surrounding areas.

ASPA - Become a member

Visit the ASPA Website www.aspa-anzere.ch to become a member. 

ASPA - Who can become a member?

According to Article 3 of the Statutes:

Any natural or legal person who owns a chalet and/or flat in Anzère, Ayent, Arbaz and the surrounding area and whose application has been approved may become a member of the Association.

The owner of a share of a legal entity which gives rise to the right to use a dwelling, as well as any joint-stock company which owns real estate, is considered to be the owner of a chalet or a flat. In the latter case, the company may be represented by a director or by any authorised natural person.

The list of members is not public, it is for internal use only. Any publication on the ASPA website is subject to prior authorisation.

ASPA - Documents

All documents can be downloaded from www.aspa-anzere.ch.

The committee looks forward to welcoming you to thein events. For more details on the events, please refer to their newsletters.