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Before venturing into the mountains off the slopes and in the ski area, it's essential to get some training. At Anzère, we offer several solutions, depending on your level and previous knowledge.

Avalanche: safety, rescue and the use of the avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel: 

On the one hand, the Swiss Ski School offers introductory courses in avalanche transceivers as part of its weekly programme of activities. It's a fun way to learn about rescue equipment. 

Secondly, François Mathey, mountain guide and professional rescuer, offers 5 workshops during the winter season in the field: after a short theoretical introduction, the day is spent doing practical exercises and role-playing on specially prepared terrain equipped with a DVA park. These workshops are aimed at both those who want to learn the basics and those who want to practise their reflexes in the event of an avalanche accident. So don't hesitate to sign up for one of these days.

Several times a season, François Mathey also organises further training courses for mountain and rescue professionals. Programme on request.

With all these events, Anzère is at the centre of avalanche training for a wide range of mountain enthusiasts and professionals.

The Anzère Swiss Ski School Workshops by François Mathey
Tous les samedis du 23.12.2023 au 06.04.2024
16.12.23 | 23.12.23 | 28.12.23 | 
02.01.24 | 04.02.24
de 16h00 à 17h30
de 8h45 à 16h00
Gratuit (matériel compris)
CHF 150.- / personne / jour

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A training day for Air Glaciers
crews in Anzère with François Mathey