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Discover the Mayens d'Arbaz on an easy loop. Accessible with a pushchair.

The Five Ponds Tour is a walk that can be done entirely with a pushchair and in a loop.

You will leave the village of Arbaz in the direction of the Botyre and Saxonne ponds. You will then continue on a tarmac road to reach the Étang de Lombardon. From there, you return towards the Mayens d'Arbaz to the Étang-Long. A short visit to the enchanted river at the edge of the Étang de la Tourbière where there is a magnificent picnic area, where you will also find barbecue pits. Return to the starting point via the tennis courts.

For those wishing to travel by public transport (timetable available here), free travel is available with the Pass Anzère Liberté.


Length:  6.5 km

Duration: 1.45 h

Ascent and descent: +216 m / -214 m

Difficulty: easy