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How did the project come about? André Jaunin, who initiated the event, tells us how the project came about.

"My wife Isabelle and her son Thomas have been drawing at a good level for years. Thomas started taking classes with the artist Krum. That was all it took for the idea of creating a new event to emerge in my head, and why not imagine an art festival focusing on the imaginary? Following discussions with Krum and Gérard, a graffiti artist from the Riviera, the dream began to take shape.

Enthusiastic about the idea, we explored it further and developed an initial concept. Once the project was complete, I started looking for artists and graffiti artists willing to join us on this adventure.

All that remained was to find a venue. What could be better than the resort of Anzère, a family resort that I've known very well for years, to host this event? Stéphanie, the director of the Tourist Office, was equally enthusiastic about my idea.

Organising this event means allowing the public to see the artists draw and graffiti live, discovering their surreal world through art, organising free entertainment for everyone, looking for sponsors and managing the operational side of such an event.

For several months now, with the help of the Anzère Tourist Office team and with the welcome advice of the artists, we've been putting together this wonderful project.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in this event, which will take place on 20 and 21 October: artists, partners, sponsors, volunteers and Tourist Office staff.

And thanks to you, the public, we're going to make this first edition a success that will go on from year to year.

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André "

Why an art festival in Anzère?

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The first of our most important values is the promotion of the arts and especially the fantastic arts.

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What place would be more suitable than such an unusual place as Anzère, with its panorama of the Valais mountains and its 100% car-free village square?

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As a family-friendly destination, we wanted to further develop our concept to be attractive for as many generations as possible.