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Beautiful hike, ideal for families, through alpine pastures and forests from the Lourantze pasture at the end of the sublime Lac de Tseuzier to the Mayens d'Arbaz.

The Bisse de Sion, a typical irrigation canal, was built between 1901 and 1903 by the town of Sion to bring water into the Sionne. 

Today, parts of the bisse are underground and are unfortunately no longer visible. 

The hike starts at the Tseuzier dam and more precisely at the Lourantze mountain pasture, where it crosses the torrent of the same name through wooden gutters. The route continues on the right bank of the lake. To continue the route, you have to follow the access road to the dam and cross the tunnels to reach Les Rousses. The route runs along the open-air bisse to the "Trédouchet" locality, then on the small road built on the canalized bisse. However, the latter is again underground between Trédouchet and Pralan and is therefore no longer visible. It is above Anzère that it is once again in the open air where you can end your hike.

It is also possible to continue the route as far as Les Mayens d'Arbaz, where the finish is near the Étang Long, which is popular with fishermen and has picnic areas with space for barbecues. During the summer months, you can also enjoy a meal on the terrace of the Restaurant du Lac Le Pascali's.

The route of this hike, ideal for families, is gently sloping and offers a truly breathtaking panorama.

At the beginning of this hike, it is possible to combine it with the "Tour du lac de Tseuzier" on the left bank of the lake, starting by crossing the dam wall.

In the Rawyl region, enjoy a meal at the Restaurant du Barrage or at the Étape de Lourantze.

Access to the site:

Reach the Tseuzier Dam by private vehicle or take advantage of the shuttle bus available between July and October, on Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends. Information and timetable available here. For holder of the Pass Anzère Liberté, the bus ride is free! 

A pedestrian alternative is available by taking the path from the Mayens d'Arbaz or Anzère to the Tseuzier Dam and making a loop by returning via the Bisse d'Ayent to the starting point (+/- 6h15 loop from the Mayens d'Arbaz). Or by taking the shuttle bus from the Tseuzier dam.


Length:  15.1 km

Duration: 4:00 hours

 Ascent and descent:  +248m / -708m

Difficulty: easy/ middle

Water launch: From July to August

At the end of your hike, go to Botyre to discover the history of the bisses at the Musée Valaisan des Bisses. This is located inside the painted house, a historic building dating from the 17th century, where you will find 270m2 of exhibition space that will help you appreciate the decisive role of the Bisses in the development of the Valais region.