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Looking for a place to park in the resort? To get to the ski slopes or to find a place near by your accomodation? Many public car parks are available in summer and winter throughout the resort.

The resort of Anzère has several free car parks as well as parking meters equipped with the Parkingpay system, which allows "cashless, ticketless and care-free" parking using a mobile application, to make it easier for you to park your vehicle so that you have more time to discover and experience!

Feel free to download the app for IOS Iphone or Google Play and make it easy to manage your parking with a few clicks for the duration of your stay, without the trouble of adding a few coins to the parking meter.

In addition, there are different zones in Anzère, with different rates and maximum duration.

Free and long term parking lots

  • Route de Bonnefille in Anzère West
  • Parking de la Chapelle in Anzère South
  • Parking du Bisse in Anzère South
  • Bellevue parking lot in Anzère East
  • Parking de Pralan in Anzère South
  • Parking de l'Avenir in Anzère South

In order to facilitate snow clearing services in the car parks and to ensure the availability of all parking spaces during the winter season, it is requested that parked vehicles are moved in case of snowfall.

Parking in the red zone

  • Red zone parking in Anzère North
  • Red zone parking in front of the Coop
From 01.05. to 30.11.2022From 8 am to 7 pm1st hour CHF 1.-Day CHF 11.-
From 01.12. to 30.06From 8 am to 7 pm1st hour CHF 1.-2nd hour CHF 2.-Day CHF 21.-

Green zone parking

  • Green zone parking at Anzère Centre
  • Télé Anzère parking lot in Anzère Nord (P1 and P2 are closed between 12am and 7am)
  • Parking des Rousses 
From 01.07 to 31.10From 8 am to 4 pmPer hour CHF 0.50From 4 pm Free
From 01.12 to 30.04From 8 am to 4 pmPer hour CHF 1.-From 4 pm Free

Underground parking

  • Underground car park in the Place du Village
From 01.05 to 30.11.22From 8am to 7pm1st hour CHF 1.-Day CHF 11.-
From 01.12 to 30.06From 8am to 7pm1st hour CHF 1.-2nd hour CHF 2.-Day CHF 21.- 

For people living on the Bochonès road, badges are also available from the Commune of Ayent.

You would like to stay in Anzère in a camper van or motorhome? Find all the information on the page: Camping-car

Charging stations for electric cars:


  • Parking Barrage du Tseuzier
  • Parking Route Nord Anzère
  • Parking Télé Anzère
  • Parking  Bellevue 


  • Parking Commune d'Ayent
  • Parking BENU Pharmacie Ayent


  • Parking Commune d'Arbaz
  • Parking Place du Marais

For your information, OIKEN offers the VALT solution. This is a mobility card with unified tariffs and compatible charging points for travel between Anniviers and Monthey. With VALT, you can recharge your car without using the internet.