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Compétitions, activités hivernales et évènements du 6 au 13 janvier 2018.


The 2018 games for adults

Meeting others who have lived through and share the same life experiences is a great way of being more rapidly restored to health. Every athlete has a unique story to tell. Sharing is understanding.

A successful transplantation usually leads to the return of a normal lifestyle and the ability to participate in activities enjoyed pre- transplant.

Sport is an excellent catalyst for the return to life pre-transplant. Some might worry about competing their skills against other transplant athletes, but experience has shown that in fact these “competitions” are filled with fun and camaraderie. 

The following competitions, open to both men and women, will take place during the games:























Giant slalom


Parallel slalom

3 km

1 hour

Giant slalom

Parallel slalom

As well as the sporting events at the heart of these games, the social events are an important aspect, offering a unique occasion for transplant recipients and their families to meet others from around the world. Concerts, a torchlight descent, snowshoeing tours, sledding and much more will be part of the games programme.

The 2018 games for children – the Nicholas Green Camp

A ski camp for transplant recipient children from 8 to 15 years of age is an important part of the Winter World Transplant Games. This camp is dedicated to Nicholas Green, a young American accidentally killed in Italy and whose organs saved 7 young Italians.

This camp will reunite young transplant recipients from around the world, giving them the chance to meet others who have the same life experiences. The camps are also an opportunity for the children to learn to adhere to their post-transplant drug regime out of the hospital environment in a healthy and relaxed atmosphere. It is also a place for the children to simply have fun, to gain confidence and show their parents that they can do things like “normal” children.

Camps are also an ideal way to demonstrate the wonderful results of organ donation and transplantation, to people on transplant waiting lists, health professionals, to the general public and to donor families. Post-camp these young people become our best ambassadors.

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