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In winter, activities are organised each day for tiny tots and older children. The ski schools accept children from the age of 2 for ski lessons. The Snowli Club welcomes the tiny tots on the village square where they will learn how to get about on snow. To encourage outdoor sports, an ice rink and a magic carpet are installed on the village square. There is a full programme of events for children, such as visits to Father Christmas in the forest, egg hunts and toboggan racing.

Anzère Tourisme
Place du Village
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 399 28 00
Télé Anzère SA
Batterie de la télécabine
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 398 14 14
Anzère Spa & Wellness
Place du Village
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 398 77 77
Arbaz Tourisme
Rte du Village 14
1974 Arbaz
Tél 41 (0)27 398 36 77
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