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Trapgame - Escape Room

Can you escape in less than 60 minutes

Trapgame - Escape Room

An Escape Room is an interactive game where you will collaborate and solve puzzles in the end goal is to get out of the room in the allotted time. This is a real human experience, where you will have to solve a set of mysteries, and where only your team spirit will help you reach your goal.

Trapgame is a 100% real experience, no virtual! Everything is really happening in the sets of our room.

60 minutes: this is the time you have to evolve in the chosen universe that will be inspired by the wildest movies! Exploration, exploration, reflection and emotions are on the agenda. Only teamwork will allow you to reach your common goal!

Big Bang - Anzère

(Scenario in French and English)

Your former colleague Kévin has disappeared! Developer and geek culture enthusiast, he has invented an incredible new and innovative game that provides players with immersive sensations like never before. You have received a message from him: He is counting on you to find his project. He would have left a track in the basement of his house, in his private arcade room. He trusts you, but to prevent malicious people from seizing his secret, he has set up a self-destruct mechanism that will activate in 60 minutes.





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