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Tourist Taxes

Tourist taxes

New Tourist Tax


Payment of visitor's tax is obligatory for all occupants of accommodation who are staying in the municipality of Ayent namely : 

  • Owners of accommodation, non-residents and their families.
  • Occupants and guests.
  • Children under the age age of 6 are exempt from the tax, but must be declared.

This tax can be declared either on the quarterly declaration form, or as an annual fixed sum, or directly to the Tourist Office by the occupants of the accommodation. The owner is responsible for declaring the occupants of his accommodation.



CHF 2.50 per night

Child (6 to 15 years)

CHF 1.25 per night


A) Quarterly declaration form

The Decentralised Inspection of Occupants service provides owners who do not pay the fixed rate tax with forms so that they can declare the nights stayed by all of the occupants of their accommodation. The owner is responsible for declaring the nights stayed and for paying the tax. He collects the tax from the declared occupants. The taxes will then be invoiced to the owner for a set period. 


B) Annual fixed sum for the visitor's tax

The owner and his family, as well as seasonal occupants can pay the visitor's tax in the form of a fixed annual sum, which saves them from declaring it for each stay. The fixed annual sum is CHF 75.- for adults and CHF 37.50 for children. The fixed sum is personal and nontransferable. The visitor's tax is invoiced yearly.


The Decentralised Inspection of Occupants service strongly recommends that you pay the visitor's tax by fixed sum. This system offers a number of advantages and reduces administration. The Decentralised inspection of Occupants service also draws your attention to the law on tourism of 9 February 1996 and specifically to the obligations which are incumbent upon owners of second homes. 

Tourist promotion tax

This tax applies to chalet and holiday apartment owners living outside the municipality and who let their properties. This tax came into force on 1st November 2003, and replaces the accommodation tax. This tax is calculated as follows : 

A fixed sum per year and per accommodation is collected from all owners of chalets, apartments and rooms who let their property and therefore receive an income from tourism. The amount of the fixed sum is as follows : 


Type of accommodation

Annual amount

Studio / 1 room

CHF 60.-

2 rooms ( 1 bedroom + lounge)

CHF 100.-

3 rooms ( 2 bedrooms + lounge)

CHF 140.-

4 rooms ( 3 bedrooms + lounge) 

CHF 180.-

5 or more rooms ( 4 bedrooms + lounge)

CHF 220.-

Bed & Breakfast

CHF 50.- / par chambre


The short-term lessor (person who lets the accommodation for less than 35 days per year will be charged half of the aforementioned fixed rate tax. The visitor's tax declaration for the previous tourist year will serve as a basis for the declaration. If it is the first rental year, the current year will be used to establish this basis. The tourist promotion tax is invoiced yearly and collected by the Decentralised Inspection of Occupants service.


Advantage of the fixed sum for owners

Those paying the fixed sum receive an ¨owner's card¨. This is only valid if accompanied by a photo and a stamp from the Tourist Office, and is to be collected from the Anzère Tourist Office on the first stay of the year. Owners benefiting from the annual fixed sum, who let their apartment (and therefore pay the tourist promotion tax) can benefit from the following reductions :


Total Tourist Promotion Tax ( 100 %) :

  • Télé-Anzère : - 25 % reduction on ski passes from 4 days
  • Ski schools : - 10 % reduction on ski courses

Partial Tourist Promotion Tax ( 50 %) :

  • Télé-Anzère : - 15 % reduction on ski passess from 4 days
  • Ski schools :  - 5 % reduction on ski courses


The Decentralised Inspection of Occupants service carries out regular checks. Anyone who fails to pay the visitor's tax, provides false or incomplete information to the authorities, refuses to provide the information requested, is guilty of gross negligence or long delays or contravenes the aforementioned provisions, is liable to a fine of CHF 20.- to CHF 2'000.-.

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