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Le Tour des 5 Etangs

Voilà enfin une balade entièrement réalisable avec une poussette et en boucle sur parcours goudronné mais avec très peu de circulation.

The Tour of the 5 Ponds is a walk entirely feasible with a stroller and looped on tarmac but with very little traffic.
You will leave the village of Arbaz towards the football field. Continue straight ahead to the Etang et Botyre then the Etang de Saxonne. You will pass over the Pond of Lombardon. From there you will turn to the left in the direction of the Etang-Long. The trail moves somewhere away from the walking routes (red line) to facilitate the passage. "Fabienne" bucket at the Étang-Long, ideal for refueling.


Length: 6.4 km
Duration: 1h45
Elevation gain: 217 m
Difference in level: 217 m
Difficulty: Easy


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