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Télé Anzère

We are pleased to inform you that Anzère will have a new chairlift for this winter

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Despite a clearly declining sector at the end of the 2019/2020 winter season due to the Corona virus pandemic, Télé Anzère ended the year with strong growth. Thanks to these encouraging results, the ski lift company of Anzère can envisage its development with an investment program of more than CHF 8 million from summer 2020, by planning the construction of a new chairlift connecting Les Luys to the Pas of Maimbré.


As a reminder, the winter season ended prematurely for ski lift companies due to the decision of the Federal Council related to COVID-19. Despite this closure on March 13, Télé Anzère achieved a record financial year with turnover increasing by more than 5% compared to the 2018/2019 benchmark. This is a historic first, with an EBITDA which crosses the CHF 2 million mark, an increase of 25% which makes it possible to generate a positive EBIT for the second consecutive year.


These results are due to the measures implemented by Télé Anzère for 3 years. On the one hand, the loads have been drastically reduced and, on the other hand, MAGIC PASS guarantees to significantly increase the volume of skiers.


With an increase of more than 40% in its turnover in 2019/2020 compared to the last financial year without MAGIC PASS, Télé Anzère confirms the merits of the strategy of the Magic Mountains Cooperation. Télé Anzère takes this opportunity to thank all its partners for their precious collaboration by pooling strong skills in the field of ski lifts.


Thanks to its results, Télé Anzère can envisage the future with the development of its facilities. An authorized increase in share capital is nearing the end and will make it possible to finance the new chairlift, 4 detachable places (Garaventa) to link Les Luys to Pas de Maimbré.


This dossier is currently being evaluated at the Center de Compétence Financière (CCF) in Sion to obtain LERM and NPR credits. Télé Anzère has already obtained the guarantee of a bank loan for this investment. The current share capital increase will make it possible to supplement the necessary equity within a few days. As soon as the financing is closed and confirmed with the Federal Office of Transport, the building permit can be issued within a reasonable time. Work will begin immediately and the opening of this new facility is scheduled for Christmas 2020.



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