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Snowshoe trails

Interpretive trails for all skill levels



Les Mayens Path

This path starts in the Anzère resort. In the forest, with its phantasmagorical shapes created by the snow on the spruce branches and the small waterfalls where the remaining water has frozen, you will go along by the ancient irrigation canal, Sion bisse, on a flat section.  Then, after some twenty minutes, a short steep climb takes the hiker to the ancient “mayen” dwellings of Les Grillesses.  From there, you will automatically look towards the idyllic view of the Rhone valley and the Crans-Montana plain. On the way back you will also pass through this same fir tree forest to Anzère.  The complete circuit is around 3 ½  kilometres in length. It is not difficult at all and is suitable for adults and children.




Les Braconniers Path 

For the more experienced, Les Braconniers Path is an extraordinary walk of 15 kilometres. The difficulty is  in the length of the circuit, not the difference in altitude, which is not much at all. This path starts on place de la télécabine (gondola square). You have a view over the Valais Alps and summits of 4,000 metres all along the way. Perhaps the silence will be broken by the swish of the wings of a bearded vulture or the crunch of the gallop of a deer.   If your legs are unable deal with the length of the walk,  a friend could pick you up by car on Les Rousses car park.  You could be proud of completing a good half of the circuit. 




Pierrier des Rousses

At the far east of the ski domain, this walk stretches over five kilometres in scree where the wild landscape is splendid in the middle of a site created by a gigantic landside in 1946. A few larches, copses and rhododendrons have grown since then. 




Les Rousses toboggan run

Les Rousses toboggan run starts at the intermediate station of Les Rousses chairlift. A superb descent parallel to the ski run and in the forest with a 400m change in altitude. The toboggans can be rented at the chairlift departure station. Airboards and toboggans are also for rent in the resort’s sports shops. .

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Village toboggan run 

The toboggan run is available for young and older children alike on the village square.  It is 300 metres in length and separated into two sections, one side for skiers and snowboarders, and the other side for those on toboggans. There is no charge for using these runs and there is no tiring climb back up – you ride a magic carpet.





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