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Ski & Snowboard

For lovers of sliding and winter sports

In the morning

In the morning, soar down perfectly groomed boulevards. Ski runs for all levels and all tastes: the steep slopes of Les Masques run for good skiers, the wooded charm of Les Rousses run, the basin of Le Pas-de-Maimbré for beginners, a snowpark and a boardercross for the most daring. 


For an aperitif drink, enjoy one of the sunny terraces of the many refreshment bars on the ski domain. Meet up with family or friends around a glass of Fendant white wine with a little bread and cheese as you admire the beauty of the heavenly landscape around you.


For dinner you can choose between the many mountain restaurants or, much more original, improvise a barbecue on the ski runs! The fire is ready, all you need to do is pick the chalet, appoint a barbecue chef and enjoy ... And for a beautiful end to the day, relax in the bubbles of Anzère’s Spa & Wellness centre before heading for the bars for wild after-ski.

Types de pistes

The domain offer 58 km of skiing terrain between 1500and 2500 meters. there is a special ski lift and a magic carpet for children and beginners in the village, 12 km of "blue" slopes, 37 km of "red" slopes and 9 km of "black" slopes, 11 km of the slopes are covered by 120 snow cannons, 6 km of ski itinerary (marked and not prepared) are available. 


    ·         1 gondola

    ·         3 chair lifts

    ·         7 drag lifts

    ·         3 magic carpets

    ·         1 boardercross

    ·         1 flypark

Infrastructures closing

  • Sunday 3rd April 2016



Télé Anzère

Batterie de la Télécabine

1972 Anzère

Tél : +41 (0)27 398 14 14 

Email :
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Anzère Tourisme
Place du Village 8
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 399 28 00
Télé Anzère SA
Place de la télécabine 2
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 398 14 14
Anzère Spa & Wellness
Place du Village
1972 Anzère
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Arbaz Tourisme
Place du Village 8
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 399 28 00
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