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Sex Rouge Tour

Looking for marmots and chamois

For this beautiful 2-day hike, you can take advantage of an attractively-price package comprising the gondola up to Le Pas-de-Maimbré and one night with half-board at Les Audannes mountain hut.


1st day

From Pas-de-Maimbré by the marked trail, follow the mountain ridge to the bottom of the Chamossaire slopes. Metal steps take you down a few metres. As you go down slightly, the path crosses pasturelands full of flowers. You reach a small gorge. Warning, rain or snow can make this itinerary very slippery. After the gorge, take the path that goes up and follow it until Le Four where you need to climb up a few easy rock steps. You then arrive on “lapies” (rocks with grooves and ridges). An opportunity to look over to the Combins and Mont-Blanc massifs. The landscape becomes increasingly wild. Continue climbing at an angle across the scree. You then arrive at La Selle. To the west, you can see the Tsanfleuron glacier and Les Diablerets. From La Selle, you can easily reach the summit of Le Sex Rouge to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view.  You just need to go along the ridge to the summit. The descent to the mountain hut takes you though small firns, rocks polished by the erosion of the glaciers and scree. We strongly advise you to follow the trail signposting! From Pas-de-Maimbré to Les Audannes, allow for a little more than 2 hours 30 minutes. The ascent of Le Sex Rouge takes a good hour more.

2nd day

From the mountain hut, the path follows the ancient Audannes bisse until the end of the plain, then goes straight down into Les Andins valley.  During the descent, there is a choice between two itineraries after the hand-rail section. One, the Andins path, goes in zigzags right down to the bottom of the valley and goes up slightly along a large rocky scree.  You then end up in wooded pasturelands and follow the path until Serin pastureland. The other itinerary, Conduite path, crosses Les Andins valley and follows a ledge in the cliff. This circuit is to be avoided if you have no head for heights. Moreover, due to land slides, the path may be damaged. Then follow the path to Serin pastureland. From there you cross the road and take an ancient dry bisse, Les Audannes bisse.   The path then joins Sion bisse which takes you to Les Grillesses then Anzère. From Les Audannes to Anzère, allow 3 hours 3o minutes.


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