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Rates & Opening Hours for the Pool area

Rates details for the Pool area

Bath area

The Anzère Spa & Wellness is closed until further notice due to the situation and the measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Anzère Spa & Wellness is open Monday to Sunday from 9.45 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Next technical closure


Individual ticket

du 15.12.2020

au 14.04.2021

du 15.04.2020

au 14.12.2020





Adult (+17 years)

CHF 16.-

CHF 19.-



Children (6 to 16 years included)



CHF 14.-



Resident Ayent+ Arbaz - Adult

CHF 14.-

CHF 17.-



Resident Ayent + Arbaz - Children (+6 years)

CHF 9.-

CHF 12.-

CHF 15.-

Ski & Bath Package - Adult
(1 day pass and 1 access to the baths)

20.12.2019 au 13.04.2020 


CHF 66.-





Ski & Bath Package - Children
(1 day pass and 1 access to the baths)

20.12.2019 au 13.04.2020 


CHF 39.-





Supplement with Anzère Liberté (1 night)

01.06-2020 au 30.11.2020 



whole supplement

Supplement with Anzère Liberté (2 nights)

01.06-2020 au 30.11.2020 



CHF 5.-

Supplement with Magic Pass Bains


CHF 5.-





20 tickets
   for 2H


Adult (+25 years)

CHF 250.-

CHF 340.-

Children (+6 years)

CHF 150.-

CHF 210.-

Resident Ayent + Arbaz Adult


CHF 299.-

Resident Ayent + Arbaz Children (+6 ans)


CHF 170.-


CHF 40.- pour les enfants résidant à Ayent et CHF 60.- pour Arbaz ( sur présentation de l'attestation de la Commune)


All our subscriptions:

• are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
• are personal and non-transferable (except 20 entries)
• must be issued on smart cards for an additional CHF 5.-.



Children are welcome at any age at Espace Bain d'Anzère. Entrance is free up to 6 years old. They must be accompanied by an adult up to 12 years old. We are already asking parents of young children to put on an aquatic layer and a swimsuit to access our pools. Thanks for your understanding.

Our team is at your disposal by phone or email if you require further information.

Extension of the duration of the package

In low as in high season, you will have to pay an additional CHF 5.- for adults and CHF 3.- for children, if the duration chosen at the entrance is not respected. The option is possible only in low season, to take the unlimited package directly. Otherwise, the supplement must be paid at the exit, high or low season.



Conditions générales d'utilisation des abonnements "ICI"

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