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The Museum Path

A fun hike between Anzère and Ayent


The Museum Path uses parts of the Sion, Ayent and Bitailla bisses irrigation canals in an original trail. It has special "museum path” signposting and educational panels to allow you to better understand these ancient irrigation canals. You can choose between several itineraries taking into account how much time you have and how much effort you are prepared to make.  




Postal stop: Anzère, Télécabine

Routes : Bisse de Sion–Bisse d’Ayent–Bitailla–Saxonne–Botyre, 13 km, 3.5 hours.

You start this circuit in Anzère (gondola square - place de la télécabine) and go up the  Sion bisse, a trail along an ancient narrow irrigation canal. After around 1.5 km, you leave the Sion bisse and join the Ayent bisse which runs 150 metres below.  You go up the trail by the bisse until the Torrent-Croix tunnel to discover the spectacular old gallery on the rock face. Keep following the bisse heading for Les Mayens d’Arbaz summer pastures. The circuit continues in itinerary 2.  




Postal stop: Ayent, bisse d'Ayent

Routes : Bisse d’Ayent–Bitailla–Saxonne–Botyre, 5,5 km, 2 hours 20 min.  

From the “Bisse d’Ayent” post bus stop, head for the Ayent bisse 20 metres below. You can follow the bisse from there to the Torrent-Croix drainage system and back. (allow roughly 1 hour there and back. At the Mayens d’Arbaz summer pastures, the Ayent bisse intersects with the Bitailla bisse which the trail follows. The circuit continues in itinerary 3.




Postal stop: Arbaz Café du Lac

Routes : Bitailla–Saxonne–Botyre, 3,5 km, 1 hour 10 min.  

This itinerary starts on the “Sion-Grimisuat-Arbaz” bus route. If you arrive by car, it would be wise to park in Grimisuat, then take the bus to Restaurant du Lac. From there, follow the road along by the lake until you reach the intersection of the Ayent and Bitailla bisses. At Les Jeuriés you will find an ingenious  water distribution system which is 500 years old and still working now! The path leading to the museum follows a bisse side canal, passing the pleasant village of Saxonne with its typical old dwellings.




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For further information: Musée Valaisan des Bisses / / / +41 (0)27 398 41 47  .




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