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History of the Resort

History of Anzère

Anzère is a young resort. In fact, before the 1960s, there were only five small chalets here. As a result of its ideal location on a south-facing slope, Anzère underwent rapid development with the construction of holiday apartments, chalets, hotels, ski lifts and other tourist infrastructures.  This is how the Anzère resort came into being and became a modern holiday village on a human scale. There are numerous “mayens” (rudimentary alpine dwellings made of stone or wood browned by the sun) in the surrounding area.

The photos below clearly show how tourism has developed in the area.  


43 YEARS OF HISTORY - at a glance


1957 Opening of the Chez César Morard and Au Chalet Savioz grocery stores

1958 On April 27, the Ayent municipal council announces the possibility of studying the development of the Anzère region.

1960-1961 Operation of the Moret ski lift by SAREM, construction of the first "tourist" chalets, arrival of the power line and first telephone.

1962 Opening of the new paved road St.-Romain-Anzère, Bonnefille ski lift, foundation of the ESS (Swiss Ski School), Hôtel  Chamossaire, constitution of the Ayent-Anzère development company (02.11.1962) and the June 30, signing of the agreement between the town, bourgeoisie and the Société d'Etudes et de Financement Pro-Wildhorn SA (future Pro-Anzère SA)

1963-1964 Pralan ski lift, Mazots district

1965-1966 Pas de Maimbré gondola, Duez ski lift, Mountain restaurants and the cable car, cable car road, Chamossaire ski lift, Pension des Audannes, Anzère area plan and building regulations

1967 Buildings AV3 and AV9, Installation of the Post Office, Anzère Village, swimming pool, water tank, sewer collector, Restaurant les Premiers Pas, and Végé store

1968 -1969 Building AV5, AV1, AV4, Hôtel des Masques, Hôtel de la Poste, Pension de l'Avenir, Swiss Ski School Office, Wildhorn College, Cantonal Bank of Valais and ESS ski lift at Pas de Maimbré

1970-1971 Building AV2, AV6, AV11, AV12, Castor & Pollux, Quartier des Edelweiss, Pharmacy, souvenir shop, perfume shop and various stores, Road Arbaz-Anzère, Road de Moëre, Les Rousses chairlifts

1972 Inauguration of the Anzère postal code

1973 Hôtel Zodiaque - King-Kong nightclub, AV10 and AV15 buildings, Indoor swimming pool

1974-1976 Saphire and Topaze Buildings

1977 Pro-Anzère SA ceases to operate, curling and ice rink

1978-1980 Cristal building, Hotel Grand Roc

1981-1983 Tennis d'Anzère, Pralan chairlift, Hotel Eden

1986-1987 New Les Rousses chairlift

1992 Chapel of Anzère

1999 Pas de Maimbré : new cable cars and restaurant

2012 Grillesses chairlift


2020 New Luys chairlift 


Auteur : Raphy Bétrisey 


Anzère Tourisme
Place du Village 8
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 399 28 00
Télé Anzère SA
Place de la télécabine 2
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 398 14 14
Anzère Spa & Wellness
Place du Village
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 398 77 77
Arbaz Tourisme
Place du Village 8
1972 Anzère
Tél 41 (0)27 399 28 00
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