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Green Destination

Ecology is at the centre of all our concerns

Green Resort

In the 21st century, the sustainable development of our planet is at the heart of all discussions.  This is why the resort of Anzère wishes to develop and protect its future for the generations to come. The resort is concerned about the environment and this has prompted it to implement several measures explained below.  


The pellet heating plant

The first measure that can be mentioned is the pellet heating plant, which is located as you come into Anzère.  It is, in fact, the largest pellet heating plant in Europe and allows the resort to save more than 1.5 million litres of central heating oil per year by heating ecologically the majority of the buildings in the village and the Spa & Wellness centre. 

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Involvement in the “Dream of the Future” programme.

The commune is also involved in the “Dream of the Future” programme. With 26 other Swiss and French communes, it undertakes to achieve and exceed European ecological targets with the “3x20” programme, that is to say, by 2020, to reduce energy consumption by 20%, cover 20% of energy needs by renewable energies and reduce by 20% emissions of greenhouse gases.


Village Square

Another measure taken by the resort is to prohibit all traffic on the village square, thus making it a pedestrian area, free from pollution.


¨City of Energy¨ label

The City of Energy label provides the proof for the communes that they are actively applying a durable energy policy. The Cities of Energy encourage recourse to renewable energies, environmentally sustainable mobility and implementation of sustainable resource management.


Waste management

Waste management is also another measure that the resort has implemented by installing separate skips for selective sorting.


Shuttle bus

The shuttle bus incites both visitors and residents to use their vehicles as little as possible.  The shuttle service operates during the winter period.


"Shuttle bus plan" 


Anzère Tourisme
Place du Village 8
1972 Anzère
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Anzère Spa & Wellness
Place du Village
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