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Frequently Asked Questions - Sustainable Tourism

In a worrying ecological context. Anzère Tourisme answers your questions about sustainable tourism and the preservation of our environment.  We are committed to reducing our impact over time and our actions evolve over time.  


This section allows us to answer your questions as well as possible and also to ask ourselves the right questions. 


Mr Dubuis Bertrand (Director of Télé Anzère) and Stéphanie Dijkman (Director of Anzère Tourism) took the time to answer some questions.

Will the Anzère domain open as planned?

"No official information has been given in the sense of a closure or postponement. The domain will therefore open on the scheduled dates, depending on the weather conditions". DB 

Will there be any power cuts?

"The Black OUT is not foreseeable for anyone. In the event of an instantaneous blackout, Télé Anzère obviously has an evacuation plan in place to ensure everyone's safety." DB

Does the ski area plan to save energy during the winter season?

"As Télé Anzère has concluded target agreements with the Confederation, the company did not wait to anticipate the savings to be made. Given that Télé Anzère is obliged to make energy savings in all cases within the framework of this agreement, many measures have already been taken (insulation of the buildings, regulation of the passage of the cabins according to the number of visitors, LED lamps, automatic buttons, shutting down of the cabins in the low season, heating with pellets). This year, Télé Anzère has also equipped itself for the first time with a computerised GPS system which enables it to evaluate and manage snow depths in order to optimise the use of the snow cannons and to avoid any waste in production" DB

Are there any solutions if the electricity supply is limited?

"Yes it might be possible to close the cabins 1 hour earlier every day in low season." DB

Will any mechanical structures (crossbars, chairlifts, gondolas) close?

"The Combe crossbows will be open for the beginning of the season until there is enough snow to open the Les Luys chairlifts. Then, apart from possible avalanche dangers and always in the case of safe access to Les Rousses, the crossbow will close for the winter season as it is not a linking facility." DB

What initiatives has the Tourist Office taken to save energy?

The Tourist Office decided some time ago to switch off its illuminated signage on the outside. No light signals will be switched on, also at night. The Christmas decorations will be LED (low consumption), solar and wooden. We are waiting for feedback from the shopkeepers to know their decisions on this matter. As far as activities are concerned, there will be no night skiing. The Tourist Office has decided not to light the ski slopes at night. SD

Will there be fewer daily shuttles to traffic?

"No, because we want to promote soft mobility in Anzère, and convince our visitors to avoid coming by car. We are lucky to have a resort with very good and regular public transport links. Anzère Tourism would like to emphasise the promotion of soft mobility. It is important to mobilise visitors around public transport.


Will the ice rink be open all the time?

"The rink will be open continuously but probably closed after the high season to avoid unreasonable consumption during periods of positive temperatures." SD

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