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Foundation Opale

A centre for culture & tourism

The Art Centre is located in Lens, on the right bank of the Rhone, between Sierre and Sion, in a region enjoying hours of glorious sunshine and easily accessible in all seasons. Its visitors will not fail include in their cultural visit a walk in Lens around the lake of Le Louché, along the narrow streets surrounding St-Pierre-aux-Lens Church or on the Christ-Roi path on Châtelard Hill. They will thus enjoy the beauty of the place and its traditions and, through the exhibitions at the Art Centre, broaden their horizons.



  • Adults CHF 18.-
  • Senior Citizens (pensioners) and  the disabled CHF 16.-
  • Students CHF 9.-
  • Children (under 10 years of age) free
  • Family CHF 40.-
  • Group (from 10 people) CHF 16.-
  • Guided tours CHF 5.-/person (only for public visits).
  • Group visit CHF 150.-




Fondation Pierre Arnaud
1, route de Crans
1978 Lens, Suisse
Case Postale 39
T + 41 (0)27 483 46 10

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