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On which days is the centre open and what are its opening hours?

Consult detailed opening hours. During certain periods, the centre is closed for the technical maintenance required for the correct functioning of the installations.


Is your centre adapted for persons with reduced mobility?

Yes, we have a lift that gives access to the pool; our cloakrooms and WC are also adapted to those in wheel chairs.


Are there hotel rooms in your centre?

No, we have no guest rooms. Accommodation providers and the tourist office (Anzère Tourisme phone +41 27 399 28 00) will be pleased to provide you with information on the possibilities of accommodation in the resort.


Can we buy or rent what we need for the pools?

We rent towels (CHF 6 per towel) and bathrobes (CHF 10 per bathrobe). Our store sells swimwear, swimming accessories and sundry other articles for the pools.


Is there a restaurant area?

During the holiday period, a Healthy Area is installed on the outside pool deck where you can order paninis, ice creams and drinks; as well as fresh fruit, smoothies and birschers.

All year round a vending machine, with snacks and drinks, is at your disposal in the reception area. 


Can we pay in Euros?

Yes, it is possible to pay in Euros. We only accept bank notes and give you change in Swiss francs.


Can we pay with Reka checks

Yes, we accept Rekas, however we do not give change.


Do you have parking places?

We have a few parking places on the main Ayent - Anzère road. The entrance to the centre is on the north side of the building. To get to it, take the wooden footbridge (St-Brévin) in the direction of the village square (Place du Village)

Which swimsuits are allowed ?

The wearing of the swimsuit is mandatory. The swimming shorts are allowed only if they are above the knees. All long and wide clothes are fully prohibited for safety and hygiene reasons. The T-shirt anti UV are allowed only for the small children. Diving suits and burkini are not allowed in Anzère Spa & Wellness.

Pool Area

Are young children allowed in the centre?

Admission is free for children under the age of 6  accompanied by an adult. For safety reasons, when it is very busy or when the Spa is used for other activities, children under the age of 6 may not be allowed into the centre.


From what age are unaccompanied children allowed admission?

Unaccompanied children under the age of 12 are not allowed admission. They must be accompanied by at least one adult (a person over the age of 16)


Are accessories such as airbeds and ball games authorised?

Swimming glasses are allowed. The use of specific fun material for swimming lessons, ball games or other games that could disturb the peace and enjoyment of other people in the pool are strictly regulated. They must be authorised by the supervisor, taking into account others in the pool. 

Air beds, inner tubes, boats, etc. are banned. The supervisors may prohibit at any time the use of any object that they consider inappropriate or dangerous.


Is the outside pool accessible in the case of rain?

Yes, but  in the event of a storm, the pools may be momentarily evacuated for safety reasons.


How deep are the pools?

Our pools are 140 cm deep.


Wellness Area

Is there a minimum age for accessing the Wellness Area?

Access to the Wellness area is authorised from the age of 16.


Is it possible to access the fitness area only?

No, our fitness area is part of the Wellness Area. Admission to the Wellness Area gives you access to the whole centre, apart from treatments/massages


I am pregnant, can I use the saunas and hamman?

These installations are, in principle, not recommended for pregnant women. You are advised to ask your doctor’s opinion.


Treatments and Massages

Do I need to book an appointment for treatments and massages?

Yes, you are advised to book an appointment (by phone, email or directly on the website this link) so we are able to best meet your needs.


Do the prices for treatments & massages include admission to the Pool and Wellness Area?

Yes, the prices of the treatments & massages include access to the entire centre. We recommend that you take advantage of our installations before your appointment.


Is there a minimum age for accessing the treatments and massages?

The treatment and massage rooms are in the Wellness Area. Access to treatments and massages is authorised from the age of 16.


I am pregnant. Can I have a massage?

Yes. However our therapists do not massage pregnant women before the 3rd month or after the 7th month.  Essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and during breast feeding. We propose other risk-free treatments such as facial treatments, scrubs, wraps, hand treatments, foot beauty and hair removal..            


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