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Clavau Bisse

A panoramic view of the plain


Attention: The part of the hike along the gorge of the Lienne is closed up to September due to work!


Clavau bisse was built in 1453 to irrigate the vines and it is still working now. It overlooks the Rhone Plain between Sion and St-Léonard. 

The scenery as you go through the Lienne gorges is superb with a stunning view down on to the river. After crossing steppe grasslands, the bisse winds between the vine walls. An educational trail highlights the natural resources of the place. Since this bisse is near the town and easy, it is very busy. Two refreshment bars (Le Cube hut on the Varone vineyard and the Brûlefer hut on the Bonvin vineyard) welcome you for a short break during your walk. 


From Icogne

From Icogne, take the marked path in the direction of Sion. After going over the Lienne and a stream, you arrive at a small dam. The path follows the course of the ancient bisse and offers a magnificent view of the Lienne gorges. After the penstock pipe from the factory, the path goes along by the open bisse in the middle of the vineyard to the waterfall (car park). From there, a small path takes you to the next bus stop  at La Brasserie Valaisanne.



From Sion

After Brasserie Valaisanne, go down the steps and along the relatively steep path to reach the hike starting point on the bisse (car park). On the way, you will pass along by the highest dry stone walls in Europe.  After crossing the Molignon vineyard, the path plunges deep into the Lienne valley below the village of Signèse. 



From les Bisses Museums to Sion

After visiting the museum, you can head back  to the bisse by taking the marked Saint-Léonard path to Tsampon. Then follow the bisse to Sion. (2 hours 30 minutes)



  • Difficulty : easy
  • Duration : roughly 3 hours
  • Distance : 11 km
  • Water-filled : end of April to end of September.


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