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bisse de Torrent Neuf

A stroll to discover a megalithic patrimony


Savièse or Torrent-Neuf bisse was built in around 1430. A particularly challenging circuit leaves the Morge valley and goes across the north side of  Prabé.   This first part was abandoned in 1935 and is today replaced by a tunnel opening out into Les Mayens de la Dzour summer pastures. Between Prafirmin and Sainte-Marguerite Chapel, the bisse is open and has several sets of locks and distributors that feed the various regions of the Savièse territory.

Torrent-Neuf is one of the most famous Valais bisses.  Since 2008, this circuit has undergone restoration works by the association for the protection of Torrent-Neuf. As you walk along this path you will discover information on all the ancestral techniques and the view over the ancient works is remarkable from the suspended bridges. At the beginning of the restored part, a pleasant refreshment bar will contribute to making this visit unforgettable. There is another refreshment bar at the end of the path.   Warning: people with no head for heights should beware of suspended bridges! 

For safety reasons, the bisse is not open from 1 May to 30 October and may be closed in the case of storms. 


By car

Go to Savièse, in the village of St-Germain. At the large roundabout, take the West direction. You will then see two signposts: "Bisse de Savièse" and "Torrent-Neuf". If nothing is indicated at junctions, continue on the main road. The first car park is in Binii. In summer, the Savièse tourist office has a very interesting information centre here. The second car park is a little further on. From this second car park, you will see the start of a large path, and on its right, the start of the bisse.  



By public transport

By bus, go to Prafirmin/Torrent-Neuf and follow the signposts to the bisse. From the Brac refreshment bar, a path takes you across the Morge. You can then join the Sanetsch road and Chandolin. 



  • Difficulty: steep circuit. People who have no head for heights are strongly advised not to take this path. If you have children with you, you are strongly advised to keep an eye on them at all time! 

  • Duration : roughly 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 9 km
  • Water-filled : June to October.



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