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¨Les Audannes¨mountain hut

For mountain lovers



A southern and western aspect. The site is located at Les Audannes( 2,500m high), about 30 minutes’ walk from theAudannes mountain shelter. It  provides several climbing routes of varying aspects, which present many opportunities for beginner climbers, on perfect limestone. There are 30 routes from 4 to 6+, equipped by J-M Moos, N. Balet, A.Dussex, M. Aymon and D. Blanc. A detailed plan of all these routes is available at the mountain shelter.




1.From Sion, go to Les Rousses (the  road to Rawyl),( a bus is available in summer).From then on, the mountain path is signposted. (2hours 30 minutes)

2.From Anzère, take the cable car to the Pas du Maimbré (topmost station). From there , the path is signposted.(3 hours)

Acces from "les Rousses"

Acces from "le Pas-de-Maimbré"

Hut kept until the end of April ! 




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