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ASPA - Association of Owners in and arround Anzère

Association of Owners of Anzère, Ayent, Arbaz and surroundings*

**new committee elected at the end of December 2021

ASPA- an owners association that works for You!

She oversees the harmonious development of the resort by collaborating with the members of the Board of Directors of Anzère Tourisme SA.

To contribute to the improvement of the quality of tourist infrastructures, the members of the Committee of the association are in regular contact with the representatives of local tourism.

We encourage and support events and projects that energize our resort.

ASPA is an association founded in 2005 whose main purpose is to represent and defend the interests of owners in the region of Anzère, Ayent, Arbaz and the surrounding area.

ASPA – become a member

To become a member of ASPA, check on our Website, 

ASPA - Who can become a member?

ASPA – become a member any person or company who owns a chalet or an apartment in Anzère, Ayent or surroundings.

According to Article 3 of the statutes (Only the french version is binding)

Members of the Association may be persons or companies, who have a chalet and/or apartments in Anzère, Ayent, Arbaz and surroundings and comply with the membership criterion as well as Companies which own properties either let or with permission to occupy the property.  In the latter case the Company may be represented by an administrator or other authorised person.

The list of members is not public; it is only for internal use. Any publication on the website of ASPA is subject to prior authorization.

ASPA - Documents

All the Documents are at your disposal and can be downloaded on our Website


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