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A long history in real estate

ADAGI is the acronym for "Agence d'administration et de gérance immobilière". Created in 1981 by Roland & Annette Travelletti, real estate agents, the company is active in the central Valais and more precisely in the whole region of Anzère, in the communes of Ayent & Arbaz.

Since then, the Travelletti family has been involved in the administration, management, construction or renovation of buildings, flats and chalets as secondary or main residences. As administrators of condominiums and condominiums for 40 years, they have decided to retire by passing on their real estate agency.

At the end of 2020, Laurent Soguel & Emmanuel Gaudin took over the operation of Adagi SA. As real estate managers with federal diplomas, they met on the school benches of the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals (USPI) in 2013. It was during the course of obtaining the "Federal Certificate of Real Estate Management" that they sealed their friendship and undoubtedly their new collaboration. Specialised in the administration of condominiums and PPE, they are also available for brokerage mandates, appraisals, or simply advice on real estate. Their experience in the fields of sale, rental or management and technical management is based on several years of practice in the real estate industry.

Our main field is the market of Anzère and its surrounding villages; our expertise is the real estate industry; our objective is to get to know you and create a solid link to accompany you throughout your projects.


Adagi SA

Rte du Nord 1

1972 Anzère

Tél : +41 (0)27 398 13 14


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