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The Clavau irrigation canal crosses the vineyards above Sion. Built around 1450, it overlooks the Rhône Valley between Sion and Saint-Léonard and irrigates a steep, sun-drenched vineyard.

Surrounded by dry-stone walls, the Clavau bisse takes its waters from the Lienne and supplies the vineyards of Ayent, Grimisuat and Sion.
The itinerary starts from the bends in the route de Champlan, where there is a parking area for a private vehicle or a bus stop on the Anzère-Sion line, to facilitate access by public transport.
The walk quickly joins the bed of the bisse between dry stone walls. The Bisse de Clavau offers an educational path that highlights the natural wealth of the area and provides information on the Bisse and its issues.
As you continue along the route, you can stop and enjoy the terraces of the "guérites" (old huts that served as overnight cabins for the winegrowers or as a place to store equipment). The Guérite Brûlefer of the Cave Bonvin or the Cube of the Cave Varone have been refurbished as tasting rooms, where it is also possible to eat.
Along the way, you will discover the different ways in which these canals were built: open, covered, in galleries or overhead on a channel.
The route joins the Lienne gorges.
For the return journey, the easiest way is to retrace your steps. It is also possible to reach the village of Luc by following the paths through Les Hombes and La Combette. For people travelling by public transport, there are two possibilities: the first one is to continue the itinerary in the direction of Icogne and to take the postal bus line Crans-sur-Sierre to Sion Gare, with a change at Botyre for Anzère (timetable available online). You can also retrace your steps to the Champlan bends, i.e. to your starting point.

Holders of the Anzère Liberty Pass can take advantage of free public transport between Grimisuat Coop and Anzère. (Transport between Crans-sur-Sierre and Botyre is not included in the Pass)


Length: 7.8km 

Duration: 2h (one way) 

 Ascent and descent: +95m / -146m

Difficulty: easy

Water launch: from end of April until end of September

At the end of your hike, go to Botyre to discover the history of the bisses at the Musée Valaisan des Bisses. This is located inside the painted house, a historic building dating from the 17th century, where you will find 270m2 of exhibition space that will help you appreciate the decisive role of the Bisses in the development of the Valais region.