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Fishing at the Etang Long in Arbaz Informations and fishing licence at Anzère Tourist Office Contact: Anzère Tourist Office: +41(0)27...
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Open Informations at Anzère Tourist Office Price: CHF 15.-/ h Contact: Anzère Tourist Office: +41(0)27 399 28 00 Mail:...
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"Chemin du Musée"

Discover three "Bisses between Anzère and Botyre. Thanks to the bus line "Botyre-Ayent", you can enjoy a beautiful walk between...
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Bisse Gallery

To irrigate their meadows and growings, the valaisan mountain-dweller went to remote rivers, which took their origin in the glacial period. To bring it where...
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Audannes Mountain lodge

Access: see the St-Léonard map  (1.25,000) From Sion, go to Les Rousses (the  road to Rawyl),( a bus is available in summer).From then...
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Tour des Alpages

Shortly after leaving Anzère,the path leads you through 3 kilometres of forest, climbing about 400 metres, to a place called La Brune. From here, the...
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Petoli Tour

Very pretty and easy walk around the resort.  > Difficulty: Easy > Duration: 0h47
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Wildhorn Tour

A hiking tour of 4 or 5 days leaving from Anzère or from the Tzeuzier lake. The best season for the Tour du Wildhornis from 20th July to the end of...
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Sensorial bare foot route

This pathway situated near the arrival of the cable car at the summit, is open every day of the week. It is a mixed path combining places with stones, sand,...
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Bisse d'Ayent

The „bisse“ of Ayent, from the Lienne to Grimisuat, was built in the 15th century. It  leaves the steep-walled valley of the Liène at a...
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The Sion Bisse

The Sion bisse, belonging  to the town of Sion, was built in 1903. It runs from la Liène above the Zeuzier lake, to la Sionne. The bisse flows...
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Bisse of Torrent-Neuf

An interesting path from Prafirmin to the Chapelle Sainte Marguerite. Constructed before 1430, the bisse du Torrent Neuf or bisse de Savièsewas to...
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Ténéhet Lake

A walking excursion, taking 2 days, from the Zeuzier dam, passing through the mountain pass called Eaux Froides before descending down to the mountain shelter,...
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Sex Rouge Tour

A high altitude mountain path, usually covered in snow until August. It is easy to lose one’s sense of direction in fog or bad...
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Dam of Rawyl

Itinerary: path round the lake formed by the Zeuzier dam Length: 5.5 kilometres Difference of altitude: rise of 130 metres and corresponding...
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Bisse de Clavau

Built in 1453 by the Bishop of Sion the Bisse de Clavau originates from the Lienne and eventually flows into the Sionne. Surrounded by enormous drystones walls...
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